Going on Campaign is an unofficial rulebook and source guide for campaigns in Games Workshops Warhammer 40k. If it's your first time here, then please read the Preface first, if you're coming back, then check the Project log to see what's new.

Project log

On this page, you'll links to all the latest updates. As this project is a living one, I recommend that you check this page periodically to make sure you haven't missed any updates to previous sections.

20 Feb - Added Turn order and Initiative to the campaign phase section.
7 Feb - Added the Campaign phase section.
4 Feb 2011 - Narrative Campaigns PDF published.

12 Dec - Added more maps to the Maps showcase.
1 Dec - Added another map to the Maps showcase.
27 Nov - Added Ending the campaign to the Maps campaign section.
23 Nov - Added Initial forces to the Maps campaign section.
17 Nov - Added Starting positions to the Maps campaign section.
7 May - Added Types of map details to the Maps campaign section.
28 Apr - Added Detailing maps to the Maps campaign section.
15 Feb - Added Types of maps to the Maps campaign section.
12 Jan - Added Kentack VII to the campaigns section and the Kentack VII map to the Maps showcase
1 Jan 2010 - Added Fighting withdrawal to the scenarios appendix

16 Dec - Added Faaris IV to the maps appendix
14 Dec - Added Tainted rebellion to the campaign appendix
12 Dec - Removed some content at the request of GW legal, but added another map to the Maps showcase and a new ice world campaign map.
24 Nov - Added Breakout to the scenarios appendix.
23 Nov - Added another map to Maps showcase and added Banner markers to Player aids
20 Nov - Added Resource markers to Player aids.
19 Nov - Added Hex maps to Player aids and the scenario Ambushed and Betrayed to the scenarios appendix.
18 Nov - Added more maps to the Maps showcase, also started working through all the submitted content.
15 Nov - Added Maps showcase and added map pics to various pages in the maps section.
14 Nov - Added True map campaigns.
13 Nov - Added a bit of text to Territorial campaigns and added Node campaigns
11 Nov - Added Territorial campaigns
10 Nov - Added Map campaigns and updated the Narratives section with Drax's literary suggestions. It reads much better now.
9 Nov - Added Newsletters & diaries and the Player aids appendix.
7 Nov - Project launched, no going back now.
5 Nov - Finished up the Narratives section for now by adding Tree campaigns, Narrative scoring and Ongoing effects sections.
4 Nov - Worked on the Narratives section, reworked the Types of campaign and added the Campaign appendix.
3 Nov - Added Campaign aids, Maps appendix and the Ta'Lar mountains node based campaign map.
2 Nov - Added Campaign practicalities.
1 Nov - Added Scenarios index, Scenario submission guidelines, Column ambush scenario and the Preparing to strike ladder campaign.
31 Oct - Added Ladder campaign guidelines, Sample ladder campaigns and Paint it up scenario. Worked on sample ladder campaigns and sample scenarios and scenario submission guidelines. Also added the Disqus commenting system to the project. Hopefully, this will help encourage discussion of rules suggestions etc.
30 Oct - Added Submission guidelines, updated the Preface and most importantly, welcomed aboard Admiral Drax as the projects chief wordy guy, he's going to be the projects proof reader and online editor. He'll be making my ramblings and your suggestions clearer with his ubber English skills.
29 Oct - Added Suggested narratives, worked on interlinking the pages and added a header.
28 Oct - Added Ladder campaigns.
26 Oct - Added contributors and table of contents, Going on campaign and Types of campaigns pages.
25 Oct 2009 - The Going on Campaign living rule book is launched.
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