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Ladder Campaign - Preparing to strike

Preparing to strike

"The stealth teams are in position and Captain M'raak's force are intercepting the armoured column heading for the drop zone, things look good for the drop sir." ........

A simple ladder campaign where an invading force attempts to take out targets and ambush defending forces in preparation for the big invasion. How they fare in the first two scenarios heavily effects the reserve rolls in the final battle.

Victory conditions - Climatic (it's all on the final battle).

Force notes - none


Paint it up
Appendix A - Going on Campaign site (link) In this scenario, the invader prepares to mark up a target that needs to be taken out that threatens the invasions landings. An invader major victory gives them +2 to reserve rolls in the final scenario,  A invader minor victory gives +1. A defender major victory gives them a -2 to the invaders reserve rolls in the final scenario, a defender minor victory gives -1.

Column Ambush
Appendix A - Going on Campaign site (link)
In this scenario, the invader tries to delay reinforcements heading towards the proposed landing zone just before the landings take place. A invader victory gives the defenders -1 to reserve rolls in the final scenario whereas a defenders victory give the defenders +1  to reserve rolls in the final scenario.

The Big Battle
Annihilation, Dawn of War deployment - W40K 5ED p91
This is the big one, the whole campaign rests on this final battle. On turn5 reserves do not come in automatically, you need to continue rolling for reserves on a 2+ until the battle ends. Remember to add the modifiers from both the first two scenarios, 1's are always a fail no matter what modifiers apply.
    Design notes - With this campaign, how you do in the first scenarios really has an effect on the final battle, especially with reserves not automatically coming in on turn 5. If the invader fails the first two, they're going to have a hell of a time trying to win the final one.

    Creator - ColCorbane

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