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Balanced Raid Scenario - Column Ambush

Column Ambush

"They're coming at us from all sides sir ..." said Sgt G'raa. "Just keep pushing though Sgt, there's no going back".

This is a balanced raid scenario is based on a column of troops being ambushed and having to fight their way through it.


The scenario is played longways from short edge to short edge. All the terrain must be setup within 18" of either long table edge. The attacker sets up within 6" of his short table edge then the defender then sets up no closer than 18" to either long table edge or the attackers troops. The attacker gets the first turn, unless the defender can seize the imitative.

Forces - No changes to forces

Scenario Special Rules - No scenario special rules

Mission Objective

The winner is decided by kill points. The defender gets an additional kill point for each of his units that leave the table via the attackers short table edge. The attacker does not get any kill points for defenders units that leave the table via the attackers short table.


The attackers reserves can come on from their short edge or either long table edge. The defenders reserves (if any) come on from their short table edge.

Game Length - Game lasts the standard amount of turns.

Design notes - In this game the defender has to balance killing units with get their own forces through the ambush whilst the attacker does their best to counter them. It's a simple enough scenario that can easily be modified for various different ambush scenarios.

Creator - ColCorbane

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