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Unbalanced Raid Scenario - Paint it up

Paint it up .....

In preparation for the impending planetary invasion, the infiltration teams dropped across the planet to mark up vital installations that had be destroyed before assault force could make it's landings. Alpha team had been one of the first, and within an hour, had moved stealthily towards the missile silo....

This a an unbalanced raid scenario based on the idea of a small squad infiltrating enemy objective, marking it up for a future bombing raid and then exfiltrating without alerting the enemy.


The game is played longways (short edge to short edge) across a 6' x 4' table. The defender must deploy a scenery piece to act as the objective within 12" of a short table edge. The attackers forces enter play via the other table edge at the start of turn 1. The defender must deploy his sentries no closer than 18" to the attackers table edge.


Attacker - 1 Infantry Squad, maximum 200pts, no bikes or vehicles. The unit has target markers and night vision, so is immune to night fighting rules.

Defender - 1 Troop choice, maximum 10 models (Sentries), 2 Troop choices & 1 HQ choice held in reserve. Other than the sentries, all the defenders force are held in reserve and deploy once the alarm has been raised.

Scenario Special Rules

Sentries - as described in W40K 4ED.
Night fighting - the entire game is played using night fighting rules, this only affects the defender as the attacker has night vision equipment.
Sssssh - to avoid detection, the attacker may not use jump packs, fleet or run until the alarm is raised.
Target markers - a range 12" weapon that targets the objective for a future strike carried by each member of the attackers unit. Firing it does not raise the alarm.

Mission Objective

Attacker major victory - marking up the objective and then all extracting off their own table edge.
Attacker minor victory - marking up the objective but not extracting the full unit off their own table edge.
Defender major victory - preventing some of the attackers unit from extracting and also preventing them from marking up the objective.
Defender minor victory - preventing some of the attackers unit from extracting.


The defenders reserves enter play at a rate of 1 unit per turn determined randomly from a point on any table edge as determined by a scatter dice.

Game Length

The game continues until all of the attackers forces are dead or off the table.

Design notes - I'm looking at this one as a sort of chess game to start off with, that has the potential at any dice roll to suddenly become a very fast and furious game. I'm planning to setup quite a lot of terrain on the table to restrict LOS (we still play 4ed rules on area terrain and LOS) but you don't have to as ranges are restricted by the nightfighting rules. On the win conditions, there were two factors I thought were important. The first being marking up the objective and the second was casualties. Alarms could be raised at any point for any reason including tripping over and letting a round off by accident but actual dead enemy troops bodies outside a base is going to get command on their toes. You need to sit down and work out what troops best suit the roles of the infiltrators, sentries and general soldiers.

Creator - ColCorbane

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