Going on Campaign is an unofficial rulebook and source guide for campaigns in Games Workshops Warhammer 40k. If it's your first time here, then please read the Preface first, if you're coming back, then check the Project log to see what's new.

Ladder campaign guidelines

If you'd like to submit a sample ladder campaign for addition to the samples already list here, then first read through these guidelines.


Fluff (optional)
A bit of creative writing to set the scene of the campaign, it's only a ladder campaign, so nothing to long.

A few lines of writing about what the campaign is about.

Victory conditions
A bit of text telling players how the campaign victor is worked out, eg cp's, vp's, weighted or climatic.

Force notes (optional)
Any force restrictions that apply across the whole campaign.

You need list the scenarios in the order of play. It needs to be a minimum of 2 scenarios to be a ladder campaign but I'd prefer 3 or 4 scenarios to a campaign for editing's stake.

For each scenario, you need a title, how it fits into the campaign, you need to let players know where they can get them, eg, the 40k rulebook p65. I'm only accepting references to scenarios from printed GW publications like the rulebook/White Dwarf or custom written ones. Please don't use references to scenarios listed online as I can't guarantee they'll always be there and that'll cause problems in the long run.

It's ok to make modifications to existing scenarios, such as changing the force levels, terrain, setups, objective, giving forces special rules etc. You can also add any campaign scoring such as scenario weighting etc. If it's a scenario you've written, then just add them after the title. If you're using ongoing effects to give an advantage or disadvantage to players in the next scenario, add them after special rules or scoring for the scenario.

So, for each scenario we need ...
  • Title
  • How it fits into the campaign.
  • Where it can be found / custom written
  • Any modifications to the scenario or scenario special rules
  • Any ongoing effects the scenario has on the campaign
  • Any campaign scoring notes
On submitting your own custom scenarios, just add them on the end of the campaign details. They'll be added separately in the scenarios section and linked to from your campaign. Check the scenario submission guidelines page for how to lay them out.

Designers notes (optional)
A bit of text describing what your thoughts are about the campaign and how it's supposed to be played. Anything from your inspiration or ideas for changing things.

Creator (optional)
Your name as you want it credited on the campaign and contributors page.This can be a nickname such as ColCorbane or your real name.

If you're not quite sure about any of the above, have a look at Preparing to strike, an example campaign that highlights all the points above. It may seem a bit complicated at first but when you get down to it, it's surprisingly simple.

Once you've got it together, email it to me at colcorbane@gmail.com along with any custom scenarios. Please put ladder campaign in the subject box.
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