Going on Campaign is an unofficial rulebook and source guide for campaigns in Games Workshops Warhammer 40k. If it's your first time here, then please read the Preface first, if you're coming back, then check the Project log to see what's new.

Project Diary - October 09

OK, so this is my monthly post I get to myself to rave about new additions and bitch about what not going right. I'm going to be posting once a month, on or after the 1st of each month.

So, I had an idea, in the bath actually. I thought there's nothing really for 40k campaigns on the web, only bits and bobs, so why don't I put something together on a blog. That something together, became a reference to all the stuff out there, then I thought there's no way I can find all that stuff and it'd be all messed up anyway. So, that something became this beast. Over time, I'm hoping to build up an extensive collection of campaign rules, maps, narratives, scenarios and anything else that's related. Hopefully, making this an excellent resource for 40k campaigners.

I launched a week ago, and I've done a ton of work. Not much in the way of campaign rules, but I've got more of the introductions and admin pages sorted. These needed to be done first anyway, without them, I can't add submitted campaigns and scenarios. It's a choir, but it's done now and I can get on with the good stuff. I've also added a sample ladder campaign and some sample scenarios, check out Preparing to strike and let me know what you think.

I'm also chuffed that I managed to add a header which I'm quite proud of and I've also installed the Disqus commenting system, so it's easier for you guys to add your thoughts and discuss the various pages. Another nice one is the fact that Admiral Drax has come on board to help clean up my writing with his ubber English skills. Here's hoping he enjoys editing my stuff as much as I enjoy writing it, there's going to be plenty.

Well, that's it for October, I'm off to write some of the fun stuff.

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