Going on Campaign is an unofficial rulebook and source guide for campaigns in Games Workshops Warhammer 40k. If it's your first time here, then please read the Preface first, if you're coming back, then check the Project log to see what's new.

Front Cover Sneak Peak

Apologies for the lack of updates recently, work and home life have been pretty manic lately. On the plus side, I have managed to make some progress on putting together the Narrative Campaigns Source Guide pdf during my lunch breaks.

As part of that process, I've just finished working on the layout template and I managed to get the front cover completed today. So, here's a sneak peek of the front cover .....

I would have preferred a more Giger'ish / 40K'ish background, but beggers can't be choosers. Big thanks to John over at Plastic Legions for providing the map pic and taking the time to rephotograph it so it was easier for me to work with.

Hope you like the sneak peak guys, more coming soon!

More maps for the showcase

Two more maps for the showcase, this time a computer based node campaign and a Mighty Empires map with some scratch built hives ...

Thanks to SK (Citizen Nick Hobby Center) for submitting these. As always guys, if you've got a map you'd like share, drop me a line - colcorbane@googlemail.com

Another map for the showcase

I just added another map to the showcase contributed by Gewaltatron, it's another excellent example on of computer generated vector image map. Vector image maps are easy to update making running and tracking the campaign quite simple.

If you've got a campaign map you'd like to share with the community, drop me a line at colcorbane@gmail.com.